6/17/2017 Newsletter

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We had a good day Saturday except that we had to say goodbye to our 1-week campers. It was nice to see so many long hugs when the parents arrived. Hopefully we will see all those boys next year for at least a week and some for two weeks!
The game of the day at sports was tennis baseball. The Comanches have some catching up to do in the race for the tribe trophy! The ropes course is beginning to start their very high elements such as the Kamikaze and the Pamper Pole.
Tonight cabins 5-8 had a scavenger hunt and cabin 7 won the night and an item from the store. Groups 5-7 had tribe challenge in the gym and after playing many different events for points it turned out to be a tie. Our oldest campers (CITs) hiked down to our old rope swing site and had s’mores.

Breakfast – Chicken Biscuits, Gravy, cereal
Lunch – Spaghetti with meatballs, peas, salad, brownies
Supper – Chicken Nuggets, Fries, cookies

Luke Durham

Author: Luke Durham

Husband, Father, Camp Laney Program Director, Mental Health Counselor and lifelong Laney Boy.

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