7/10/2017 Newsletter

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Our first full day of camp was awesome. The weather was, once again, awesome! Today campers began their quest to earn various levels of patches at Adventure Sports, Tennis, Archery, Riflery, Pool, and Horseback. The game of the day at Sports was tennis baseball. At the river the campers had fun going off the rope swing and sliding down the Wet Willie Waterslide. It was FREE SWIM day at the pool and everyone enjoyed the double waterslide and pool basketball. Tonight is the first battle of points between the Apaches and Comanches. The game is one of the all-time favorite games at Laney—TRIBE HUNT!! It’s basically a giant game of Hide-N-Seek played all over camp. The tribe that finds the most campers wins and also takes home the first tribe points of the session. We also had our cabin and individual pictures taken today. In a couple of days we will post the cabin pictures online.

French Toast Sticks

Green Peas
Garlic Bread
Chocolate Pudding

French Fries
Rice Krispy Treats

Luke Durham

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