There are two tribes at Camp Laney:  Apaches & Comanches.


Campers are given t-shirts with their tribe’s name & logo
The Tribe Scoreboard

The tribes originated with the beginning of camp in 1959.  On a camper’s first day of camp, he is sorted into one of the two tribes and will have that tribe for the rest of his time as a camper.  You can request to be a certain tribe, especially if a family member was in that tribe.

The tribes compete every session for the chance to win the Tribe Trophy.  Points can be earned at the Team Sports activity, many of the night activities, on Competition Sunday and of course, by finding the Golden Arrow.  On the final night of camp, the tribes compete in one Final Round of Bombardy to see who will win the Tribe Trophy that session and carry the Trophy to the Closing Campfire.


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