7/12/2017 Newsletter

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There was a good chance of rain today but it never happened. In fact, we had blue skies for most of the day.  The game of the day at sports was football and there were some great games between the Apaches and Comanches. If you do not follow us on Facebook or Youtube (camplaney59) you should because we post a daily video and some drone videos that are really fun to watch and show Camp Laney from a different perspective. One way the tribes can earn points is to win their game at the sports activity. There are a total of eight games played during the day. When we line up for supper, each group (1-8) is asked who won their game at sports and the winning tribe shouts either APACHES! or COMANCHES!

Tonight we rode buses over to dance with the lovely ladies at Riverview Camp for Girls. It’s always fun to see some of our shy fellas get up the courage to ask a girl to dance. It’s a huge moment in a boy’s life and we get to see it first hand!!

Bluberry Muffins

Porjk Chops
Mashed Potatoes
Banana Pudding

Cheese Dip
Famous Amos Cookies

Luke Durham

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