Tucker Jameson


University of Denver, Graduated
BA:  Creative Writing
M.Ed:  English Education

Laney History:
Years as Camper: 10
Years as Counselor: 6

Why do you want to be a Laney counselor? What keeps you coming back to Laney?There is no camper, ever, who has not imagined what it must be like to be a counselor.  How awesome it must be.  And they’re right.  It was a surreal feeling, that first summer, finally “making it.” Finally standing on the wall at meal times and reffing Bombardee.  Finally belaying a camper to the top of the climbing tower.  The truth is, that surreal, must-be-fantasy feeling doesn’t go away.  And I reckon I won’t go away, either.

Also, the french toasts sticks are the bomb.

Book: The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Movie: Big Trouble in Little China, starring Kurt Russell and directed by John Carpenter
Sports: Boomer Sooner, Tennessee Titans
Food: Cheeseburger from The By-Pass Deli, Columbia, TN
Vacation: Guanajuato, Mexico

Luke Durham

Author: Luke Durham

Husband, Father, Camp Laney Program Director, Mental Health Counselor and lifelong Laney Boy.

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