William Parker


University of Alabama
Years Complete: 4
Major: Business Management

Laney History:
Years as Camper: 8
Years as Counselor: 4

Why do you want to be a Laney counselor? What keeps you coming back to Laney?
It’s rare that you get the chance to be apart of an organization that has changed your life in so many ways. As a young boy Laney taught me about being outside and the importance of unstructured play. It taught me how to make friends and showed me the interesting and hilarious times that can come from that. I can confidently say that my summers without Laney have been much less adventurous and fun than my summers with. As a counselor Laney has taught me what it means to work hard for others, it has shown me how to work with and manage both my own peers and campers. Most importantly it has given me a brotherhood of fellow Laney boys and another place I can call home. Without Camp Laney I would not be who I am today and I am eternally grateful for that. I want to come back to Laney to experience this all again and to be able to show others how special and unique a place Laney really is.

Book: Hungry for Change: Farmers, Food & Justice; Agrarian Question
Movie: Eating Alabama
Sports Team: Alabama Crimson Tide
Food: Fried Chicken, collard greens, corn bread, and mac and cheese
Vacation Spot: Telluride, CO

Luke Durham

Author: Luke Durham

Husband, Father, Camp Laney Program Director, Mental Health Counselor and lifelong Laney Boy.

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