Canteen “snacks” are included in the price of camp.

Campers can be dropped off between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM CDT (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM EDT). The official schedule begins at 12:15 PM when the lunch bell rings. Your camper’s day will go more smoothly if he is checked in and settled in his cabin before that time.

Campers can be picked up between 9:00 and 11:00 AM. If you need to pick up earlier let us know so we can have your son ready to go. If you are running late please give us a call—we will let your son know so he will not be anxious.

Since canteen “snacks” are included in the cost of camp, your camper doesn’t need money at camp – – – if he would like to purchase any clothing the Great Stuff clothing store is open on opening & closing days for those major purchases. If your camper needs shampoo, deodorant, a stationery packet, batteries, or even a Frisbee or playing cards, the Great Stuff clothing store is open daily during Free Time before Lunch. Your child has a $25 credit in his account at the Great Stuff store.

Please contact the office at 256-634-4066 if your son needs to arrive late or be picked up early. We like to have your son’s cabin counselor there to meet him or to help him pack up and say goodbye. Cabin counselors have an activity responsibility also. We need to make sure the activity is properly supervised when the counselor goes to the cabin.

Camp Laney has a NO PACKAGE POLICY. To send letters using the USPS:

Camper’s Name and cabin name or number (if you know it)

Camp Laney

PO Box 289

Mentone AL 35984

UPS/FedEx Address:

Camper’s Name and cabin name or number (if you know it)

Camp Laney

916 West River Road

Mentone, AL 35984.

We prefer that pets are not brought to camp on opening or closing day. If you must bring your pet, we ask that you keep them on a leash.

Since the programs for one-week and two-week campers differ they cannot be in the same cabin. 


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