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  1. Columbus Presentation Jan 23, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  2. Dalton Presentation Jan 25, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Welcome to CAMP LANEY!

Today's world is becoming more complex each day. Children are exposed to many different lifestyles and values and must choose among them. At Camp Laney we emphasize many traditional values, and our staff and program are directed toward helping each boy lead a happier, richer and more fulfilling life. The camp activities will provide your son with some of his most exciting boyhood memories. He will talk about his adventures at camp for years to come.

Recent Blogs

Article Spotlight: Importance of Play

We came across this article on the American Camp Association website, which deals with the importance of play to help children combat anxiety and live more balanced lives.  The article is an interview with Shimi Kang, MD who is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, researcher, author, and speaker who specializes in adolescence and addiction.  She discusses the … Continue reading “Article Spotlight: Importance of Play”

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What Laney Means to Me – Robert Irwin

We asked former long-time camper and counselor, Robert Irwin, to make a guest appearance for our blog.  We simply asked him to write what his experience at Camp Laney has meant to him.  Once you read his response below, you’ll be able to see why we are quite proud to call him one of our … Continue reading “What Laney Means to Me – Robert Irwin”

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Laney on the Road

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year for the guys at Laney.  It’s time to start hitting the road and spreading the word about Laney for the summer of 2017.  Rob, Whitney and Luke will be coming to cities all around the southeast for the next few months. These presentations are the primary way to … Continue reading “Laney on the Road”

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Rob Hammond


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Whitney Chapman

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Luke Durham

Program Director

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“Camp Laney is such a special place where a boy can be himself, make friends from other parts of the country and gain confidence all while having the time of his life!”

BY Elizabeth Wood - Signal Mountain, TN

“My favorite things to do at Camp are Zooker Ball and Bombardy. The reason why I like these things is because they are both two of the most fun games in the world.”

BY Thomas Morris - Camper, Dothan, AL

“It has been a particular joy in my life to watch my sons fall in love with this very special place and the magnificent people who make sure that its special purpose is fulfilled.  I have had the distinct pleasure to see both my sons develop dramatically more confidence and self-reliance over just two weeks on top of Lookout Mountain.”

BY William Propst - Former Camper/Staff - Atlanta, GA

“The counselors are nice, they are always there for you, they help with all the activities, they take good care of you in your cabin and they play games with us.”

BY Andrew Hodges - Camper, Baton Rouge, LA

“The best thing is seeing all my camp friends on Opening Day and meeting my new cabinmates.”

BY Foster Wood - Camper, Signal Mountain, TN

“When we drop him off at camp each year, there is a comforting feeling knowing that he is going to be in a safe environment that will challenge him socially, physically and spiritually.”

BY Danna Hodges - Baton Rouge, LA

“From (The Directors) Rob, Whitney and Luke, down to each counselor, to every CIT, I know that Laney brings together the type of person I want influencing/teaching my boys during those special weeks on the mountain.”

BY David Rains - Parent, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Every camper comes to Laney a little homesick or nervous. The best part of working at Camp Laney is helping these campers overcome their fears and seeing their maturity grow every day. I wouldn’t trade my Camp Laney experiences for anything.”

BY Logan Lanier - Camper/Staff

“As a staff member, I loved working with young kids and it taught me way more than any college internship could. Some of my life-long friendships were built at camp. I’m a Laney boy for life.”

BY Lee Hogan - Camper/Staff

“Words alone cannot explain the great impact Camp Laney continues to have on my life. If I had any advice for those interested in attending or working at Laney it would be to not let this opportunity pass you by!”

BY Chris Kudirka - Camper/Staff