Senior Staff Bio #2 - Drew Odum

It’s Time For Senior Staff Bio #2

Drew Odum (Pictured on the left) College: Auburn University Major: Communication with a Sport Coaching Minor What I want to be: I want to do PR with an inbound marketing specification. Years at Laney: 5 years total (2 as a camper; 3 on staff) Favorite Laney Meal: Chicken and Rice. I know this is a highly debated topic but after a long day of Sunday Funday (Sunday Showdown as it’s more formally known) there is nothing better than coming into the lodge to a plate full of chicken and rice topped with Texas Pete and Tony’s. Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite memory from Laney is from my first year on staff. I was hired about a week before we ha to be at camp for staff training. I hadn’t been back to Laney in over 9 years so I was a little nervous. I showed up and got settled into the cabin the counselors were staying in and realized that everyone there already knew each other. I immediately thought, “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?” But everyone there made it a point to ask my name and where I was from. I felt at home almost instantly. I think that just embodies Laney, and not just the staff but the campers too. Everyone who goes or has gone to Laney is a family and that is evident in the way Laney boys treat each other and even the new people joining the family. Favorite Thing to Do at Camp Laney: My favorite thing to do at camp has to be the daily game of World Cup at the back stop. I love being able to do something where not only am I interacting with the kids but also my fellow counselors as well.

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