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Building Character

“Going to summer camp is hands-down the best and earliest preparation for college one can give one’s children. Many young people today have difficulty adjusting to life away from home at college, since they have never shared a room (and some never a bathroom) until then. They have not had to negotiate the differences of personality, tastes, habit, and temperament intrinsic in communal living. Many have never been away from their parents other than for a sleepover nearby or with family. The recent excellent book, The Coddling of the American Mind, notes the horrendous mental health consequences of young people being protected from risk, harm, and healthy conflict. Much of this could be addressed by ensuring one’s child gets the residential summer camp experience, and I cannot think of a better one than Camp Laney. [I offer these observations as the president of a small university.]” Alexander Whitaker- President of King University

Boys take pride in their accomplishments — it’s how they are wired. They thrive on challenges and obstacles to overcome. These turn into the camp stories they are proud to tell and will remember for their lifetime.

From a parent’s perspective, summer camp is about more. Camp is a place where younger boys look up to the older boys and the counselors on staff. Camp is a place where life-lessons are learned and character is built in the context of carefully planned fun and adventure. Tribal competitions and patches awarded for mastering skills encourage boys to push themselves — as individuals and as members of a team, or tribe.


There are two teams at Camp Laney: Apaches & Comanches. The teams originated with the beginning of camp in 1959. On a camper’s first day of camp, he is sorted into one of the two teams and will be a member of that team for the rest of his time as a camper. You can request to be on a certain team if you contact the director prior to opening day.

The teams compete every session for the chance to win the Session Trophy. Points can be earned at the Sports activity, many of the night activities, on Sunday Showdown and of course, by finding the Golden Arrow. On the last night of camp, both teams compete in the final round of Bombardy to see who will win the trophy that session and carry it to the Closing Campfire.

Camp Laney is such a special place where a boy can be himself, make friends from other parts of the country and gain confidence all while having the time of his life!


Patches & Awards

Campers will receive two different types of awards when they come to Camp Laney: repeat awards & individual awards.

Individual Awards

Patches are awarded to campers in their activities, marking a child’s proficiency and progression through the various skills acquired in the activity. Boys thrive on the recognition of their hard-won accomplishments.

Repeat Awards

Campers receive an award every year that they come to camp. Each year, the award gets better and better.

Year Award
1st Yr. Pennant
2nd Yr. Ultimate Frisbee
3rd Yr. Football
4th Yr. Basketball
5th Yr. Mini Maglite
6th Yr. Fleece Blanket
7th Yr. Duffle Bag
8th Yr. Backpack
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