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Camp Program

Camp Laney offers a balanced program of individual and team activities. The program is structured, but also allows ample free time for campers.

Traditional Summer Camp

Boys are divided into eight different activity groups by age and grade in school. Each group of campers follows its own daily schedule. Horseback, Waterfront, Adventure Sports, Project Adventure (challenge course), Tennis, Team Sports, and Swimming are daily activities. Archery and Riflery meet every other day. There are four activity periods in the morning and four in the afternoon.

Daily Schedule

Time Activity
7:45 Reveille
7:50 Morning Watch
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Cabin Clean-Up
9:00 1st & 2nd Activity Periods
10:30 Milk & Juice Break
10:45 3rd & 4th Activity Periods
12:15 Free Time
12:45 Lunch
1:15 Rest Hour
2:15 5th & 6th Activity Periods
3:45 Store Break (Snacks)
4:05 7th & 8th Activity Periods
5:35 Free Time
6:15 Supper
6:45 Free Time
7:30 Night Activity
8:45 Showers
9:15 Taps
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Supervised free time is before lunch, before supper, and after supper.

During these times the campers may fish, swim, play tennis, badminton, ping-pong, Frisbee golf, basketball, bombardment, pitball, go to the craft cabin/library, or they can just relax.

Night activities are an exciting part of our camp program. Tribe hunt, cabin night, camp fires with music and storytelling, bombardment, counselor skit night, tribe challenge, snake show, and the Blazer animal show are all traditional favorites at Camp Laney.

Each session Laney boys enjoy dancing at Riverview Camp for Girls and Skyline Camp for Girls.

It has been a particular joy in my life to watch my sons fall in love with this very special place and the magnificent people who make sure that its special purpose is fulfilled. I have had the distinct pleasure to see both my sons develop dramatically more confidence and self-reliance over just two weeks on top of Lookout Mountain.

— William, Parent