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Age Based Boys’ Camp

While many of the activities stay the same throughout the course of a campers’ years at Laney, the program grows with the camper, challenging older boys to take on new roles and responsibilities as they mature.

For Boys Finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Grade

These boys may come for our One Week Junior Camp Sessions or Two Week Regular Sessions.

The Junior Camp Sessions are very similar to the Two Week Sessions, however, boys do not attend dances and have their own special night activities, including a Tribe Competition and Campfire.

For Boys Finishing 4th, 5th, or 6th Grade

Boys in these grades attend our Two Week Regular Sessions.

For Boys Finishing 7th and 8th Grade

These boys attend our Two Week Regular Sessions and are automatically enrolled in our CIT Program (Counselor In Training).

The Counselor In Training Program is designed to help our older boys to understand their important role as leaders in camp. Each day the CITs have the opportunity to help facilitate one activity period by assisting the regular staff with the younger campers.

Some evenings the CIT’s have their own night activities, including several campfires in a secluded location near their cabins. During the campfires there are group discussions about what it means to be a CIT and the responsibilities that come with being the oldest campers at Laney.

For Boys Finishing 9th or 10th Grade

These boys can apply to be a part of our WCIT Program and come to camp for a Two Week Regular Session. While there is no cost for attending camp, there is also no compensation.

The WCIT Program allows the boys to take on even more responsibility, helping serve meals, cleaning the kitchen, and serving at breaks. They rotate between helping with the ropes course, adventure sports activities, and helping with younger campers. This gives them the opportunity to begin learning the core role of our staff, which is taking care of the campers, while under supervision from our counselors.

For Boys Finishing 11th or 12th Grade

These young men can now apply to be a part of the Laney Staff and are considered Junior Counselors. They have all the same expectations and responsibilities as camp counselors, however, they only work for half of the summer (either 1st & 2nd Session OR 3rd & 4th Session). Junior Counselors are required to attend the full week of Staff Training as well.