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Parent Resources

Listed below are resources that parents may find useful in raising their children and some specifically related to the summer camp experience.


Prep4Camp is an engaging and supportive collection of online resources for campers and their families. It includes videos for families to watch together, handouts and tip sheets to download, and a podcast especialy for parents. Prep4Camp is a free service and is a great resource for our first-time camper families. We hope you will check it out! The secret handshake password for 2024 is Missy1959

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Books About Summer Camp & Parenting

The Anxious Generation

Jonathan Haidt

From New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Coddling of the American Mind, an essential investigation into the collapse of youth mental health—and a plan for a healthier, freer childhood.

The Summer Camp Handbook

Christopher Thurber, Ph.D., and Jon C. Malinowski, Ph.D.

This contains everything a parent needs to know about the camp experience – what it is, what they and their children can expect, how to choose a camp, how to prepare for camp, and how to get the most out of camp! With clear ideas about mastering homesickness, how to stay in touch, and what to do if a problem arises. Purchase at Amazon.

The Blessing of a Skinned Knee

Wendy Mogel, Ph.D.

An extremely useful, informative, and sensible book — Dr. Mogel explains the over-anxious, over-involved parenting style that is prevalent today and offers sound, practical, and important ways for parents to approach their children that will lead to better coping skills. Though the book makes references to Jewish teachings, the concepts and guidelines are universally accessible and eminently practical. Purchase at Amazon.

Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow

Michael Thompson, PhD

An insightful and powerful look at the magic of summer camp, and why it is so important for children to be away from home, if only for a little while. Purchase at Amazon.


  • American Camp Association
  • Dr. Christopher Thurber — Dr. Thurber is one of Laney’s staff trainers. This is his website that deals with all things camp (preparing your son for camp, homesickness, etc.).
  • Dr. Michael Thompson —Dr. Thompson is a consultant, author, and psychologist specializing in children and families.
  • Summer Camp Gear — For camp trunks and all other gear needed for summer camp. Contact Camp Laney for a promotional code to receive a camper discount.