Senior Staff Bio #3 - DREW WHITE

Drew White

College: Furman University

Major: Communication Studies and Sociology

What I want to be: A rock star. No joke.

Years at Laney: 9? 10? Something like that.

Favorite Laney Meal: Cold-cuts. Fight me on it if you must, but there is just something about campfire night, making your own delicious double ham and turkey with a nice piece of American cheese, some mayo, and a crunchy pickle.Plus having a little bit of bread stuck to the roof of your mouth for an hour and a half after dinner makes me a happy guy.

Favorite Camp Memory: My third summer on staff it was raining so hard everyone had to go to their cabins and you couldn’t go anywhere because the gravel road was turning into a river. It had been raining for a few days and morale was low, so I got in a bathing suit and chacos, picked up my shower caddy, and walked into the field and started bathing in the rain. Everyone got a laugh that I was showering in the rain, but I think some of my fellow staffers realized how good it must feel and before I knew it several of us were showering in the rain. Cleanest I have ever felt.

Favorite Thing to Do at Camp Laney: That’s like asking someone what their favorite song is because it’s bound to change almost every day. As of the last time I left Camp, my favorite thing to do is either reading in the lifeguard chair at the pool while campers and counselors are participating in America Swim, the most free and fun time to swim, or bouldering with older campers because they always challenge me and teach me new climbing tricks I never knew.

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