Final Bombardy!!

Today was our last full day and campers were scrambling to earn every last patch they could at the different activities. After supper we went to the gym for the Awards Ceremony. Each activity gave out special awards. Each cabin also selected an Honor Cabin Boy which is a great honor to receive. We also handed out repeat awards. Campers are given a different gift based on the number of years they have been coming to Camp Laney. After awards are given out, we have FINAL BOMBARDY. Each group plays one final game of bombardy and tries to earn points for their tribe. Tonight the race came down to the very last game…….AND THE WINNER OF THE 1st SESSION TRIBE TROPHY IS….THE APACHES!!!

We ended the night with a closing campfire consisting of the Camp Laney song, a couple of Drew White songs and Kumbaya.

We hope everyone enjoyed camp and will be back with us next year!!

Pick-Up is Friday from 9-11. Feel free to walk around with your camper and let him show you what all he did while he was here. The clothing store will be open and be sure and stop by the health center if you have meds to pick up.

See you tomorrow!!

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