Skit Night!!!

It’s hard to believe that we only have one more full day before we say goodbye to everyone on Friday. We had a slight rain delay late in the afternoon but, other than that, it was a nice cool day! The race for the trophy is still VERY CLOSE. The Comanches have made up a ton of points and The CITs won 100 points for the Comanches during their boat race. The kamikaze was in action today and it is probably the best element on the ropes course. It is a giant V-Swing about 30 feet in the air and it is quite a rush to swing on it. Tonight we had counselor skit night and the staff put on a great show for the campers. There were some favorite all-time skits and a couple of new skits as well.

A quick note about e-mails – The last batch of emails will go out tomorrow at 8:30am.

Menu: Breakfast- French Toast Sticks Little Smokies Cereal

Lunch- Pork Chops Green Peas Carrots Rolls Pudding

Supper- Hamburgers French Fries Rice Krispy Treats

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