Trip Day!

Today was 1st Session TRIP DAY. It’s a great opportunity to get out of camp and travel to different parts of the southeast for some fun adventures. Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders went to Chattanooga and toured the Tennessee Aquarium, climbed at the Highpoint Climbing Gym, and returned to the aquarium for the Imax movie. Campers finishing 4th and 5th grade went whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River. The Nantahala is a great river for beginners and the boys who were rafting for the first time had a blast. Campers 12 years old and up went rafting on the Ocoee river. The Ocoee is definitely more advanced and challenging. It is a great feeling of accomplishment when you reach the end of the trip. We also had a couple of 8th and 9th grade campers that chose to go back to the Nantahala River and paddle their own personal “Duckie” boat down the river. All the trips returned safely and the pictures will be posted this evening. We will be back on our regular schedule tomorrow.

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