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To The Camp Laney Community

To the Camp Laney community,

Recent events have forced Americans to confront the issue of racism in our society. Our leadership team is reflecting on this and how best to address it at camp.

At Camp Laney, our campers are taught to respect the rights and differences of others and live by the Golden Rule. We know this can be better taught when we do not all look or think the same.

Not all boys are afforded the privilege of attending summer camp. Our mission to nurture the development of our campers excludes none but we recognize that we can do more to promote racial equality and equity, diversity and opportunity. Although our admission policy is welcoming and inclusive, we understand that it alone is not enough. It is our goal to increase the diversity of our camp community through material actions and commitments.

Our scholarship fund aids families in need of financial assistance and helps encourage diversity in our camp community. For the last fifteen years, Camp Laney has provided “camperships” to families through contributions made to the American Camping Foundation (a part of the American Camp Association) and we have matched all awarded funds. Our efforts can improve and become more public. We are currently at work to strengthen our fund with a new, dedicated group of diverse former staff, alumni, and parents to oversee fundraising and the awarding of camperships.

The Camp Laney mission is carried out through our counselors. Our staff trainers—Dr. Jerry Jennings, Bob Ditter LCSW, and Dr. Chris Thurber—will help us develop sessions for staff orientation 2021 that will address race and diversity in our society and at camp. The emphasis will be to help campers and counselors become more aware of how their words and actions influence others.

Although campers and counselors might only spend a few weeks at Camp Laney, we are proud that the benefits of the Camp Laney experience will last a lifetime. And in this spirit we know our increased focus to promote equality and equity inside our gates will help change the world outside.

Progress is a process that requires courage and an honest look at our efforts. This starts with listening and we are thankful to our families and alumni who have shared their feelings and ideas for how Camp Laney can embrace the opportunities ahead.

“Open-hearted children become open-minded adults.” – American Camp Association

Rob Hammond, Director

Whitney Chapman, Associate Director

Scott Russell, Associate Director

Bo Hammond, Assistant Director

Logan Lanier, Program Director

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