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Preparing for 2021

Dear Parents:

All of us at camp are excited about the summer of 2021. It has been way too long since we have had campers and staff enjoying the Laney experience! We are hopeful the new vaccines will vastly change the Covid landscape from what it is today. Some of our medical staff have already received the first dose of the vaccine. It is too early to predict what the exact medical and program protocols we will have in place for this summer. We will keep you informed if testing and quarantining will be required in the days prior to arriving at camp. In addition, our opening day drop off and medical screening may need to be modified as well. This summer we do think we will be serving cafeteria style rather than our traditional family style. There may also be certain times at camp where campers will be required to “mask or gaiter up.” As things become clearer, we will communicate those changes to you.

The Mentone camp directors have already had a zoom call with Boston camp consultant Bob Ditter about preparations for 2021. Bob is in touch with some of the country’s leading camp medical personnel and will help guide us as we prepare for a great 2021 season! We will also stay in contact with our fellow Mentone camp directors and camp professionals around the country. In addition, we will study the best practices of the camps that successfully opened last summer and schools that currently have on campus learning.

Finally, we are fortunate to have an experienced and talented group of medical professionals returning this summer. We will be consulting with them in developing our final protocols and procedures for this summer.

After such a difficult year, your boys and our counselors need the Laney experience more than ever! We will do our best to make that experience as close to “normal” as we can.


Rob Hammond Director

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