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Opening Day 2021-FINALLY!!

Hey Everyone, We had a great and, for some(maybe the person typing this), an emotional opening day for our 1st Session 2021. After the year we have all had it was so special to see campers running all over this place just having fun with old friends and, soon to be, new friends.

Around noon we rang the bell and gathered around the flagpole for some announcements from our Program Director, Austin Lewter. After lunch we had a short rest hour where campers played the name game in their cabin to help everyone get to know each other. We had our four regular afternoon activities, some free time before an after supper, and then each activity group played a game around camp. We finished the night at the campfire and learned the Camp Laney song and, of course, Wagon Wheel. We are looking forward to our first full day of activities tomorrow!

Parents, if you send your son letters through your CampInTouch account, we print them every morning around 9:30am. If you send an e-letter after 9:30 it will be delivered the following day.

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