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Camp Laney 2022 Senior Staff Profile #1

Jackson Burrow (on the right in the picture)

College: Vanderbilt University (BA ’21 in Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Current Profession: Package processing & handling @ UPS Nashville + Ropes Course Facilitator w/ Higher Ground USA

What you want to be when you grow up: Bluegrass Musician or High School Teacher/Coach

Years at Laney: 4

Favorite Thing to do at Camp: Send campers flying through the trees (safely of course) and play music at the Sunday night campfires

Favorite camp memory: Anytime and everytime I’ve had the privilege of accompanying talented young camper musicians

What makes camp so great: Camp to me is a beautiful refuge from all of the many distractions of the modern world - it’s a place where fun means moving your body, challenging your mind, overcoming your fears, and relearning how it is we are meant to interact with one another in a genuine and meaningful way. As a result, campers and counselors alike leave camp as better humans than when they arrived!

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