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A New Role at Camp

My Camp Laney journey began in 1961 when I attended as a first-time camper. It was one of the best times of my life! I was introduced to new activities and experiences and came home with much more self-confidence. I developed friendships with boys and counselors from many different places that have lasted a lifetime. I returned for four more years as a camper. From there I went on to work with Coach Laney as a junior counselor, counselor, and senior staff member for eight summers. I could not have had a better mentor than Coach Laney. Being a counselor helped me develop a sense of responsibility and learn to have empathy for others. Being part of something bigger than myself, and making a positive difference with campers, was tremendously rewarding. Being a camp counselor helped me develop character traits—patience, perseverance, the ability to put others needs before my own, and a sense of humor. These traits were a tremendous help when I became a teacher and camp director, and later a parent.

In 1974, I had the honor to become director. These past 49 years have gone by quickly. It is now time for me to change roles once again so I will become the Director Emeritus. I will still be at camp to advise and support our leadership team. Whitney Chapman and Scott Russell will be the camp directors and my son Bo Hammond will be associate director. All have years of experience and training at camp and have been working together on the leadership team for several summers. They are passionate about providing our campers with a quality camp experience with safety as a priority.

During the off-season I look forward to working with Laney alumni and supporting the work of the Camp Laney Foundation. The foundation is raising money to award scholarships to families in need of financial assistance in sending their sons to camp.

Being the director of Camp Laney and working with our campers, parents, and staff has been an incredible privilege. I treasure the many friendships I have made over the years. As every Laney boy knows, camp friendships last a lifetime.

It is my hope that every boy who attends camp, and every young man who works as a counselor, will experience the same joy and sense of accomplishment that I have.


Rob Hammond/Director Emeritus

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